Making Old Into New

Understanding the way people live is the best way to create a product that is actually needed.  This past week’s lectures and the L.O.L.A. shows today gave me a different perspective on ways to help people.  There truly are so many ideas out there that have not been done.  If you put yourself in someone else’s shoes you notice situations that you didn’t before.  The topics about the mini homes for the homeless is such a good idea!  From my point of view I had never thought of anything like that.

It made me want to start noticing the small things more.  I think after learning this information is will help with my career later in life.  It has also made me realize everything I have and when I am tired of them I could try to make them into something new.  If I went into my closet I could find some many shirts that I have not worn in a long time.  Making it into something new would be sustainable but also satisfying.  Creating new things can lead to bigger and better ideas.

My goal now is to see a things in a different light.  I want to take advantage of everything that is around me.  Making new things while creating less waste.

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