My week in review

This week’s readings focused on designing to fulfill basic human needs and design activism. The concept of design activism is very simple yet I believe a lot of the world’s problems could be solved if more people focused on designing to fulfill a basic human need rather than a want. To go along with this concept two learning communities presented power points that focused on activism. I really enjoyed hearing and watching the videos in class especially the video about the man who designed houses for homeless people out of trash. It was such a simple concept and cost next to nothing to create yet it helped people tremendously. The homes are also extremely sustainable and are made from trash which eliminates waste.

I enjoyed reading both articles but really liked the article titled “Change by Design” by Tim Brown. At one point in the article the author states how the greatest design thinkers are always most attracted to the greatest design challenges. I believe this to be true and it inspires me to become a better creative thinker. I need to approach challenges with a sense of optimism and not limit my creativity even if my solution seems outlandish or bizarre. I really enjoyed this article, however it was a bit long and sideways which made it difficult to read on my computer.

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