Small Changes

Today’s LOLA show really got me thinking about my future career. I would love to work a few years in the merchandising field, but my end goal is to work full time to a non-profit organization. I have been doing a lot of research over different organizations around the San Diego area and today two ladies gave me some insight into a wonderful organizations, The Homeless Homes Project, based out of California.

Kloehn came up with this selfless idea to use his talents in architecture to help his community. By using disposed of materials he is creating small portable homes for the homeless. While in lecture, reading or in our learning communities, I am trying to get the most out of it all by figuring out what it is my talent is that I can positively affect others or my community.

The most waste is after the production process, so I see more of an area to improve as a consumer rather than as a merchandiser. Making simple changes with my everyday choices though might seem small, but will make the biggest impact. As married women, the decisions that I make directly reflect on my husband. Whatever my husband does also very much effects how close he is with his brother and so on. I may not be making quite a change like Kloehn with his homes for the homeless, but while I strive to find my big thing to make a difference, my small decisions will not only effect me, but will hopefully have a ripple effect among the people in my life.

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