Thoughts on Design Slams

I have always thought that designing for need is a hard process. However, after doing these design slams in class it showed how easily good ideas can be made up quickly. The implementation process and roll out of a product might be a little more time consuming for obvious reasons but the ideas behind solving problems can come quickly if you need. Putting a time crunch on a solution causes a sense of immediate need and in such an immediate gratification kind of society, it might be how we need to begin thinking about our problems to create solutions.
Some of the groups came up with more realistic products and others created more innovative ideas for the future, but each group created a solution to a problem or need. I liked how the groups did not all focus on creating something new, but a couple focused on reusing the old which is another aspect of sustainability that needs to be focused on. Overall, I liked the assignment and think it can be implemented in design studios and occupations to focus on sustainability and creating solutions and products more quickly.

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