This week we discussed Biomimicry. Biomimicry is a new science that uses what nature has always done successfully and find ways to incorporate that into solving human problems. I had never heard of this concept before and found it fascinating. I used to see what all people have accomplished in the field of biomimicry.

The first thing that I asked nature was just biomimicry, just so I could become more familiar with the subject. I found through this research that a lot has been done in this field. I have read about a carbon nanotube artificial muscle, Biohaven floating islands ,and  Mirasol display technology.

Mirasol display technology was very interesting to me. They take the concept of butterfly wings and apply that to technology.

“Qualcomm’s mirasol displays bring living color to technology by applying one of nature’s most remarkable innovations-the butterfly’s wings. These highly developed structures reflect light so that specific wavelengths interfere with each other to create nature’s purest, most vivid colors. By studying and mimicking nature’s processes and structures – a field of study called biomimetics – Qualcomm engineers have developed the nature-inspired mirasol display solution. By using this brilliant, time-tested biological development as the launching point for the new IMOD technology, Qualcomm brings nature to light effectively and efficiently in a cutting-edge display that will reshape the industry.” (from company website)

After reading about these different types of biomimicry I feel that I have a better understanding and respect for the field.

It is incredible to me that people are able to think of ideas and concepts like this. I do not consider myself the most creative person so I really enjoy hearing what people are doing in the field of sustainability. I need to start challenging myself to not be so caught up in what I’ve always done and be open to change.  I need to not only recognize sustainability but also change my behavior.

When writing this blog about what I need to do better regarding sustainability I realized I have made some changes since the beginning of this course. I now hang dry the majority of my clothes, shop as locally as possible, and recently began to eat an 80% raw foods diet.

By eating a mostly raw diet I can eliminate waste that I would have if I was eating more processed and packaged foods. Orange peels and apple cores will go back to where they started!

I have a long way to go regarding my sustainability life but it is exciting to think about where I started and all that I’ve learned!

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