Blog number 2: week 3

During the third week of school we read Titanistad and looking through the eyes of a cartoonist. I remember reading both of the articles and not really liking either of them, which is why I never really wrote anything for them.

The main point I got from the first article was that we are all going to die.  It related the way we treat the Earth to the Titanic, like as in we do things without thinking there will be any consequences.  The article kept relating everything back to the Titanic and brought up the passengers who decided to stay in their rooms even though they knew the ship was sinking.

I thought that this article was super dramatic but I guess it did get the point across that you can’t just ignore stuff and hope for the best.

I think that coming back to these articles after reading others required for this class actually helped.  I remember talking in class about how we are using the same sustainable practices and not really thinking of new ways to be greener and that just kind of keeps us in the same spot.  Which is good for awhile but we need to keep coming up with better solutions as time goes or we aren’t moving forward.  Not moving forward is like staying in the ship even though it’s sinking.

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