Design Activism

I was excited to see during the LOLA presentations people who have creative skills—that decide to use those skills to help those around them. I believe that we sometimes automatically begin to believe that the skills that we do possess are primarily for the benefit of ourselves. However—each of us if we dedicate ourselves to finding a way to use our skills for the good of others can do so.

One of the topics chosen by students was the little house created by Gregory Kloehn, an artist, who uses dumped trash to make homes for the homeless. I was impressed by the creativity and thought that Kloehn put into every house. Not only was Kloehn designing for those who were in desperate need—but also he found a way to do so without any harm to the environment.

I believe that sustainable solutions to human needs is a great direction for the apparel industry to take. From our notes I learned that Design Activism requires the greatest shift in skills for designers. Shifting from apparel market knowledge to a compassionate design practice is difficult for designers. However, I believe that if more designers dedicated themselves to this type of design—there could be a huge impact for the good of others.

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