Too much stuff!

We constantly try to keep creating new products that will be more sustainable products, along with healthy environmental production with GMOs or more turning to organic solutions. These could both has some solution but could then cause more problems in the long run because we are still using so many resources from the earth, that can not be produces as fast as we use them. We have so much stuff and we still want more! As the article wrote by Fletcher & Grose, states the fashion industry is dependent on consumption. So we must learn to reuse and creative in the way we could repurpose products and make them into something in new. This could change are behavior and our consumers behavior if we started thinking out-side-the-box, and being inventive as we saw in some of the ted-talk videos. There is so much waste laying around, but what if we changed our view not to see it as waste, but having new eyes to see it as the next wonderful product for our consumers, and the best part knowing we did not do more harm to the earth by reusing this the “waste material.”
I hope to start even seeing things that I normally just throw out, and reusing them for another purpose, especially with clothing items, I think learning to be creative in putting outfits together to continue to use them even longer. Also, even giving them to friends or younger family members to use, and letting them continue to use their creativity to prolong the life of the product and prolong the earth’s resources.

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