Using Nature is a Sustainable Way

The process of creating something with the idea of mimicking nature’s structure really made me think about the things that I own. Biomimcry is something that I knew nothing about. Why not use something that we have plenty of? For example sunlight is something that people can use that will not run out or be bad for the earth. Solar panels are something that I have always wondered about. My neighbors have them on their house and I have always wondered why more people do not use them. There are so many things that seem like an easy fix but no one does it. I did not know that not everyone charged for recycling. In my mind that does not make very much sense.

Why do we not make it cheap and easy for people to use sustainable natural processes? I think that if we make it easy for everyone then it could start to help.

Another thing that really made me think was when the topic of a printer that told you how many trees you killed just from that moment. I honestly do not know if that would make people change the way they live their lives. I could see people not paying attention to it after awhile. It makes me wonder what all we need to do to show people what they need to do to change. It seems like an easy process but not much is going on that is really making people change.

So the question for me now is not what we could create to be more sustainable, but what can we do to show more people what is really happening to our planet.

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