Wait, Where is everything going?

During the first week, we discussed how resources that may seem plentiful could quickly start to vanish as we produce and use more. The best and most descriptive example of this is the case of Easter Island. Hearing how they were in the state of unspeakable living conditions and also resorting to cannibalism. When we think of this extreme we always tend to think that would never be us, but the realty is we are somewhat following a similar pattern to this of Easter Island. We are no ordinary consumer; the use consumes more goods and products than most of the other western-hemisphere countries. And sense the earth has only limited resources; we could run into the problem of natural resources vanishing in the future. I do believe the USA, is trying to make an active efferent to fight against this, and some industries are trying to promote “Going Green” awareness, but not all consumers will adopt e this type of mindset. I think the more and more industries continue to promote the awareness of the reality of the depilation of earths limited resources we can see large improvements, and if us designer adopt and embrace this as well. We maybe able to see green designs and products in our consumer’s homes, to fight this fight together.
I am excited to see and learn all the small things that will add up to be sustainable to prolong the resource we have here on earth. I know one things if for sure, I do not want to become like Easter Island, so I really want to use the things we learn in this class and apply them not only to my every day life, but also to my designs and to even how I use visual merchandising.

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