Imitation is the highest form of flattery + my carbon footprint

I did not have an epiphany related to sustainability this past week, however I did learn a lot more about biomimicry, which was really interesting to me. I had heard of the concept of biomimicry before but I really enjoyed the topics that were discussed in class especially the TED talk video. I think going to nature as an inspiration for solving problems is a genius idea. The earth has managed to survive for thousands of years so the plants and animals that have managed to survive must be doing something right. It would be foolish not to mimic the environment around us. It is such a simple concept that gets overlooked. After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery!

The readings this past week were over biomimicry and industrial ecology. I enjoyed the readings about bio mimicry and found them interesting but somewhat repetitive. I also had a hard time viewing the pdf file since the text was small and a tad blurry. The industrial ecology reading was also interesting but it was hard for me to not get bored towards the end. I think industrial ecology is really important to sustainability and more people should become familiar with the idea so they can use it in their own lives.

I calculated my carbon footprint and received a 17. My home energy could use the most improvement. I need to start conserving hot water when I can and use energy saving appliances. To improve my carbon footprint I could also start to recycle and compost.

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