Biology + nature

In the past couple weeks, we learned about biomimicry concept, which is learning from and then emulating natural forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable design, or in the short meaning, we called it using nature as a model. Biomimicry concept involves couple things, such as energy, food production, climate control, chemistry, transportation, and industry. Besides, industry ecology is using nature principle as model to increase market competiveness and stability with less impact and increase natural capital. During the lecture, Dr. Jayadas assigned us to go to, and watched the example of biomimicry concept. In my group we watched about how nature is conserve/safe water. It was about three different schools from different states won the competition to create a best concept. One of the schools had a concept about conserve the water using Mist nets (fog catches), which will attract moisture from the air, then condenses on the net surface and flows to collection vessels. They let the farmers put the nets in their crops with certain pattern to mimic the vegetation. Then they let the plant to take water out of the air. I found this as an interesting concept, because I never thought we could save water through the plant or any biological process. Ask nature has a great idea to help us as human help create a better environment through biology study and look for a solution. The other industry ecology concept also involves in building trees around the offices or homes. It will also help to purify air, enrich soil, and generate energy access. It’s because one of the most important concept of industry ecology is to reduce waste in the environment.

On Wednesday, we had to go to nature website to calculate our carbon footprints. My result was 26 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents per year, which is below one tons from the U.S national average. Even my result was close to US. National average, but still I need try harder to slow down the climate impact. For example, I would relate back to the IE model with combining biological concept and nature together from the example I mentioned above. Also probably, people in U.S. and me need to reduce their carbon footprint, by creating a car free day event. So on specific day, we only can use bike or no gas vehicle to drive around. This was really cool website to see how much we use on energy at home, gas, eating habits, and waste. It will also help fund forest conservation and improve forest management.

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