Carbon footprints and industrial ecology

My calculated carbon footprint was around 21 tons of CO2 per year, which is just below the U.S. average per person. However, to combat this large number, I learned some behavioral changes that I could make. I can install low-flow shower heads, I can also set a programmable thermostat, so when I am not at home the thermostat can shut off. I also can recycle more and compost my food waste.

To create a more sustainable society, we need to think about the big picture mainly, the biosphere. Industrial ecology includes an industrial system that mimics biosystems. If we look at biosystems, and how they use organic materials from conception to disposal, we can create a more sustainable system that uses less to no waste at all.

Waste in society today is our biggest obstacle to sustainability. By mimicking nature, we can create systems that reduce or completely eliminate waste.

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