Living Consciously and Cautiously; Mimicking Nature

Living Consciously and Cautiously

Everyday, I do things without thinking. Daily events such as brushing my teeth, preparing meals, doing laundry are so repetitive—I always do them the same way. For example, I am right handed—so I wouldn’t wake up one morning and start brushing my teeth with my left hand unless there was some manifest circumstance that compelled me to start a new habit of using my left hand. The same is true with our carbon footprint. Knowledge of what you are doing to the environment in everyday life is pertinent in taking steps toward leaving a smaller mark on the environment’s resources. I alone emit 19 tons of CO2 eq/ year. Wow! That is a lot! Especially compared to the 5.5 tons CO2 eq/year emitted by the average human. It is going to take careful consideration of typical activities such as choices in what to eat, how I steward the energy in my home, and even decisions about travel. I know I will be thinking twice before I decide to drive to places that are easily in walking distance.

Mimicking Nature

For the LOLA show I presented a textile finish that mimicked the structure of the lotus leaf to keep liquids from penetrating the surface of textiles. While researching topics I was worried about finding an instance in which biomimicry had an instance to prove itself successful within the apparel industry. Lets say that I was pleasantly surprised to see steps in the right direction towards using this green adaptive type of design within the apparel industry. The few instances I found although not widespread in use were encouraging. I am excited to see the future of biomimicry in design as humans continue to humble themselves to a point of learning from nature—and in return treating it better by its sustainable practices.

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