Simple Steps

For spring break I was in Colorado and while I was there I noticed that people seem to be a lot more sustainable than most in Oklahoma. People were walking everywhere and there were so many stores that offered organic options. It made me want to be even more sustainable when I got back to Oklahoma. I realized I drive my car a lot more than needed. I also realized that while coming to college I have quit doing certain things that I was raised to do. In my household growing up we recycled everything and my dad was all about unplugging items when we were not using them. I guess it just small things that I have slowly forgot about. These small things that I just quit doing could really affect my carbon footprint. I was nervous to see what my results were for my carbon footprint. My total greenhouse gas emissions are 20. It is below the U.S. national average, but while answering the questions I realized that they really are small changes. When I read “20 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent per year”, really made me realize the affect that I have on our planet. So I am going to start recycling more like I used to and unplug items that are not being used. I wish there was a way for everyone to realize the affect that some small things have on the earth.

If more companies noticed their carbon footprint it could really start changing things even more. In class the video about the packaging made from the scraps of cotton really stood out to me. He made the process seem so easy that is made me question why are there not more companies like this. He said one larger company was using their product. Why don’t all the major companies start using products like that? To me it just seems like one small easy step that can lead to bigger changes.

Simple steps seem to be where to start. In our industry it is our job to start making this something bigger than people just talking about making a change.

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