Cradle to Cradle

This week, we discussed the system of cradle to cradle that use to remaking the way we make things by recycle or reuse products without create waste. It’s because to eliminate the concept of waste, it means we have to design products, packaging, and system from the very beginning that waste doesn’t exist. In order to design something that can go back to the environment without creates waste, we have to think about these two nutrients. There are two types of nutrients in this world, which are Biological and Technical. Biological means returned to the biological cycle that consumed by organism in the soil or any other animals. For example, cotton fabric gets in to biodegradable textile pretreatment, then creates yarn with indigo dye and turns into a garment. After that, consumer buys the garment and recycle it into a soil, so it’s going back again into the environment. Besides, technical means designed to go back to technical cycle into industrial metabolism; it means a material remains in the close loop system of manufacture, reuse, and recovery through many product life cycles. For example, the industry creates garment using polyester fabric, then consumer buys it, and then turns it into a recycle product. So the material stays in the closed loop system. Number of products has been designed to satisfy the biological and technical nutrients, but some of them are not, so it will create waste. It’s because people don’t know where they can recycle or reuse the products again. In the future, we need to think more about what we will produce so it can be waste in the right track.

But to recycle the product, we have to types of cycling, which are down cycling and up cycling. The both creates the same result, but the difference is down cycling creates product worth less product than up cycling. For example, down cycling recycles non woven fabric or plastic bag to prevent waste product, besides up cycling recycles plastic bottle into a fabric pet, so it creates more worthy products than the original. I do love the concept of up cycling, especially creates something new and worthy than the original. But I feel like I want to recycle something without reduce the point of original product, so it has same worth on both materials.

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