Cradle to Cradle

Since starting this course I have really started to notice just how much we waste. It is ridiculous the amount of stuff we just throw away. I think it would be wonderful if big corporations completely started using biodegradable materials for their everyday products. For example, I love Sonic and will typically go there once a day but I do not like that they use foam cups for their drinks. After watching the Ted talk on how bad foam is for the environment and their simple solution they came up with I think it would be great for all places to use.

This course has also made me realize that we are taking steps toward sustainability. I now notice little steps that have been taken. Today at lunch I saw that the napkins were made with recycled material, and thats great! Watching Ted talks every week also help me realize what people are coming up with to better the world. These people have amazing ideas and what they are doing really gives me hope for the future of the world.

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