Closed-Loop Design

This week in class, we talked about cradle-to-cradle or closed-loop design. One idea that we talked about in detail was the concept that waste can create food, as seen in current closed-loop systems where, for example, waste from the apparel industry is used to feed fish at a fish farm, who then produce caviar. This concept really fascinated me because as an Apparel Design major, I’m extremely interested in minimizing apparel waste, but I’m also passionate about food and cooking. I love the idea that with some creative thinking, it’s possible to merge these two industries and come up with creative ways to reuse products and keep them out of the landfill, all while also creating something new.

Although it’d be very hard to create a closed-loop food system in one’s own home, I was struck by the recent figures we talked about in regards to food waste. I know that I’m extremely guilty of this, myself. It’s not likely I’ll be able to use up every scrap of food I purchase, but discussing this in class did draw awareness to the groceries I purchase and allow to go bad, or simply choose not to eat and discard. I can take steps to get closer to zero waste in my own home, in regards to both food and clothing consumption.

About clcorbi

Hi there! I'm an apparel designer living in Brooklyn, New York, and this is my blog. I'm writing here about living my best life possible.
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