Cradle 2 Cradle

In class this week we discussed the idea of cradle-to-cradle designs. This is also known as a closed loop. A closed loop is essentially when there is no waste. A closed loop, as opposed to an open loop, reuses materials by either up cycling or down cycling. This idea was very eye opening for me. I always tend to think of reusing things by down cycling, never up cycling. I found that as this relates to the apparel industry, it is really hard to think of ways to up cycle waste, or make a product better than what it was before.

In lecture, we also discussed biological metabolism and technical metabolism. Biological nutrients come from the biosphere and technical nutrients come from the techno sphere. Biological metabolism is an open loop, where as technical metabolism is a closed loop. In the Ted Talks video, they brought up a terrifying fact that when food is composted it turns into carbon dioxide, which is good for the environment, but when it decomposes in a landfill, it produces menthol which is 25% more hazardous to the atmosphere. This made me think about all of the repercussions of things I am doing that I am not even aware of. I think the most important thing is to create awareness among people about what they are doing and the affects it is having so they will be more willing to modify their behavior.

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