Cradle to Cradle

This week as we discussed the idea of Cradle to Cradle, I began thinking about how this concept can be applied to the apparel industry. This concept was a little more difficult for me to grasp than the other ones we have studied. However, as we talked about it more and more, an idea came into mind. This idea was of a “repurposable” (haven’t been able to come up with a better term yet) apparel which is able to be downcycled or upcycled easily. This is actually one of my favorite things to do: repurposing apparel products.

My fiance an I just had a wedding shower where we got numerous new towels. We were talking about our move to San Antonio when he said, “We can just throw our old towels away.” Then a thought occurred to me. Do I really want to use my nice towels to clean up things? When the dogs track in mud and I need to clean the carpet, I don’t want to use my nice towels! Then I suggested to him that we keep the old towels for this purpose.

Some people don’t have the creative mind that we in the apparel industry have. They don’t see the possibilities an old tshirt presents. What we need is a clothing brand that actively shows customers what they can do with their clothing after they are tired of wearing it. This idea would lengthen the lifecycle of apparel exponentially.

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