Cradle to Cradle

This weeks topics have had much of an impact on my thinking about sustainability and our daily lives. We live in a highly cradle to grave society and need to move towards a closed loop, cradle to cradle, society to get closer to a self-sustaining society. The cradle to cradle concept is intriguing to me because it helps to eliminate or drastically lessen the amount of waste that comes from each individual daily. The topic from the TED talk today in class made me explicitly aware of how much an average household wastes in food from a refrigerator alone. Today’s wasteful society purchases more than they need and in turn wastes more than necessary. Reusing items in a more thoughtful manner to eliminate the need to purchase new items, repurposing worn out items to use for another activity, and recycling products to make new items for future use help eliminate waste and create a more aware society. Recycling is most effective when items are up cycled as opposed to down cycled. The up cycling allows for the closed loop economy of a product life. Down cycling has an open loop because in the end, the original product is going to create some waste and each product created after will leave something behind when down cycled.

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