Cradle to Cradle

Obviously in this class, we have had a lot of readings. For some reason, this one was very easy for me to read and I actually wanted to continue reading it. One point from the article and from class that really stuck with me was upcycling and downcycling. It really made me think about what I throw away. Am I throwing away an item that I can use for something else?

While upcycling is a much better way to recycle something, because it gives it a new and better life, downcycling is so much better than just throwing away the item. When we are reusing this item and giving it a new life, we are continuing a closed-loop system. In this way, we are becoming way more sustainable than in an open-loop system when we are using technical nutrients.

This article has made me really think about what I am not reusing, and really trying to find a way to at least downcycle every single item that I can.

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