Cradle to cradle: Sometimes we just don’t get it

Last week we read and discussed information about cradle to cradle and waste=food. I like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and maintain a healthy diet. However, I never put into consideration how much produce and leftovers go into my trashcan until we discussed this topic in class. Many fresh produce goods go bad quickly so if they are not eaten, I just throw them out. I realized just how much I threw away and recently started making changes in how I purchase groceries to reduce the amount food I waste. I feel that composting is a really great way to reuse all of those good items that are no longer edible and am gradually trying to head that direction.

We also discussed recycling and upcycling to reduce waste. For my senior collection, I decided to make garments purely out of recycled denim and chambray, trying to make zero or little waste out of my patterns. This has proven to be a very unique but slightly challenging venture. However, I really like how my garments have turned out so far and am pleased that I have new creations out of old fabric that might be tossed and sit in a landfill.

There was a good amount of science discussed in this class, which is not exactly my forte, but I believe that it is good to absorb oneself in these concepts if only to realize the impacts that we are making on our environment and what we need to change.

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