Going the Right Direction

What really stood out to me in the topics that we have been learning about this past week and today was that there are so many cycles in our world. After reading Cradle to Cradle it really put on it into perspective that every little thing as an effect on something. It is all a circle that leads to other things. The scientific side is somewhat hard to understand. But using this process to think about real world issues makes since. Natural products can be recycled into the earth. Recycling products that are not natural into something that can be used as something else is another cycle.

The giant landfills from our waste really are such a scary topic to think about. It seems like an easy process to do. But that brought up the topic of making it easy for people. Humans want to do the easier and faster thing. What seems like an easy change is turned into something different because of our laziness. We create so many hazardous chemicals into the air just from daily consumption. The ted talk about the tea pots shows just how little items can cause big issues.

The goal is to show people what is happening and showing them the products that could help. Marketing the products as the smart yet easy choice could be something to get the consumers attention. It is all a cycle and we just have to get it going into the right direction.

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