Spring Break + Movie Day

Unfortunately, I was not as sustainably responsible as I should have been during the past two weeks. I was the exact opposite of sustainable because I went on a 7 day cruise over spring break. On the ship I was reminded of the huge amount of waste that all the passengers consume. I was especially guilty of this. All you do on a cruise is eat, all day. You can order three meals at dinner and only eat a third of the food and the rest goes to waste. Not to mention the amount of water and energy consumed by the thousands of other people on board. I did some research and found that 150,000 gallons of sewage is dumped into the ocean by just one cruise ship after a 7 day cruise. That is a lot of waste! I propose that cruise ships try and become more sustainable and conscious of their energy and waste management. I think they should install more energy saving appliances like dual flush toilets to save water.

Last week we watched a video all about a green building in Boston. I thought it was really interesting to see all the elements that had to be sustainable in order for the building to receive a gold LEED rating. I now understand how hard it is to build a completely green building. All of the materials have to be sourced responsibly and all the transportation methods have to be carefully thought about. I now understand what a great accomplishment it is to receive a gold LEED rating.

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