Over the past week we discussed the various recycling methods such as cradle-to-cradle and closed loop. One fun way we helped learn these different concepts was we played a trivia game and learned about the different definitions and ways these methods are used. Cradle-to-cradle is the idea to create a waste free environment by using both biological and technical metabolisms. Closed loop is a way to continually use certain products by having them in a constant process of recycling the materials to where there will never be waste.

The first time I heard about cradle-to-cradle was in college when we were looking at various carpet samples and the professor explained that certain carpets were recycled carpet. I found this a fascinating process because certain companies will ask that if you are replacing carpet that you send in your old carpet so that they can recycle it to create new carpets. I think this is a great way to start the closed loop cycle in the interior design field where most of our products are not designed for a long period of time but more created for the now.

In class on Wednesday we watched a movie about a new apartment building that was being built in hopes of become LEED certified. One of the ways that the building could receive LEED points was by recycling their building materials that were scraps. I found this interesting because whenever any type of building whether that be a house or an office building there is always waste that comes out of the building process that will end up in a land fill. In the movie a certain company came and hauled off various pieces of scraps that could be reused by either remolding various metals or using the scrap wood for new projects. To me it is interesting that this process is not a normal standard in the construction business because of how much waste can come from the extra pieces of a building. Sometimes it is as simple as taking scrap metal and wood to create new metal pieces and ply wood instead of sending pieces that can be remade to a landfill.

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