Full Circle

I enjoyed the trivia game we played last week; I thought it was a fun way for everyone to learn and get involved. I also enjoyed the article Waste Equals Food as well; there were many quotable passages in it. For example, “packaging may last longer than the product it protected”, really stood out to me. As discussed in previous readings and class discussions, the products that we currently produce are not built to last. One reason being that people always have to have the latest thing. Another reason being that if an item lasts then the company loses profit because you won’t need to buy a new one. Despite the reason, the fact that the packaging can outlast the product means that we not only need to modify our behavior and products, but our packaging as well. What’s in the packaging may be used a few times but, the packaging itself is solely designed to be used once so, its ridiculous that it can last so long!

As discussed in class last week we need to “eliminate the concept of waste”. Products can either biodegrade (biological cycles), or stay in a closed loop (technical cycles), technological nutrients can also be up-cycled and used for another purpose. However bio nutrients need to stay with biological cycles because if they go through a technical cycle, they would be difficult to re-use, and therefore cause waste. Since it would be near impossible to make people lose their urge to consume, it is imperative that designers come up with ideas that allow people to have new things but won’t create waste when they get rid of the old thing. As stated in the reading last week, “Negligence starts tomorrow”. This is a very powerful statement because its saying by reading the article we are no longer ignorant of the facts so if we don’t change, we are knowingly harming the environment.

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