Locally Grown

I always thought that the U.S. should be making more products locally. I had only considered the benefits (especially after seeing the energy used transporting it back here), but I never really thought how it would affect the countries that are currently producing our clothing. Some of these countries rely heavily on those jobs. So is it fair to take those away? What is the lesser of the two evils? I think the first step on this journey is to start by paying the workers in other countries a fair wage. I don’t like the fact that one of the main reasons we don’t produce locally is because of how much more it costs to pay workers.

But on the other hand it would be great for the U.S. economy and would open up jobs in production and on farms growing fabrics we need. I see both sides of the argument.

But with fast fashion so popular right now I think it would be incredibly hard to start a phenomenon on shopping local. It would be to hard to compete with places like Zara, and H&M that are producing trendy garments every week. You could go there for a new trendy tee and pay $15, or go to a local boutique and pay $30. As a society we would all have to come together and agree that we would rather pay a little extra so that we could be more sustainable and not really rely on fast fashion anymore (crazy, I know). Fast fashion has become very popular and I admit that when I am in need of a one or two time wear I will buy a shirt or dress from H&M. But that exact reason is exactly what is wrong with fast fashion. It encourages us to buy even more garments then we already have. Buying a shirt expecting it to last only a few times due to poor quality to me is contributing to the high amount of waste we already have. Fast fashion is completely unsustainable but it has become a huge part of today’s culture.

That raises another question…how do we start this phenomenon against fast fashion? Like all aspects of sustainably we have to continue to raise awareness and then what is even harder it to execute a change after raising awareness. I’ll admit I do not have the answers but I will continue to look and grow my thoughts.

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