Local Can Happen

When I think about locally grown I think a lot about farmers. In Oklahoma that is a big deal. Going to the farmers market and getting local foods and flowers seems like a regular thing to me. So why not take that concept and branch out to other items. Yes there are some things that could never compete with some products made in other places, but it is a start. My friend has started a company to show off local artist and designers, so why not combine the concepts.

There are positives and negatives from both sides of the situation. But with everyone trying to go green and be sustainable going local seems like the way to go. If it was an option for me I believe that I would always buy locally. To me it seems safer, cleaner and cheaper. It also helps out the local farmers.

A down side is that there is not the kind of goods that everyone need just here in Oklahoma. Being a land locked state has its drawbacks. We could not create all the fibers and products that are easily available in other places. But if you look at the big picture it could help so many people.

I see the major positives that could come from this. It really is just a process that would take a lot of time an effort. If people knew that this could be an option I could see more people wanting this. I can see how people can think this is so unrealistic, but there are a lot of things happening today that we never thought would be happening.

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