Local Yocal

After this weeks readings and discussions about local products. I discovered that not only are local products a lot more effective but we save money at almost every point in the design process. When we look at designing locally we can source better products and even create more unique designs with products produced from local areas. Also a big part right now is shopping locally as well as just an everyday consumer. We look to products that are cheap typically, but if we buy locally and support local farmers, artisans and artists we can only benefit from. As an interior designer, I am looking to design for companies where we can use products from the local areas that the consumer will be happy to support and to make local economy better.

As designers we need to be up on the latest and greatest trends and if we help support local products we can spin it as a new trend in design. Local designers are aiming for better and nicer products and often will eliminate shipping costs, and cut down emissions from every step of the moving process. Overall, it will not only benefit smaller businesses that may offer similar products it will also benefit those local economies and grow another form of designing.

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