This week’s thoughts…

This week while I was constructing my garments for the upcoming Euphoria fashion show I realized how much fabric waste I was producing. I try to save my fabrics and arrange my patterns in a way that utilizes as much fabric as possible, but I still found myself with leftover chunks of fabric. I always try and keep salvageable pieces and keep them in a bag with all my other fabric scraps but the bag is overflowing! I thought about how I had accumulated so much waste with only 5 garments and how that would compare to a large manufacturing company. I decided right then that I was going to strive to use leftover fabrics in my next project instead of purchasing all new textiles.

The required readings for last week’s class covered material diversity, the local motive, cradle2cradle and using waste as a resource. I found all articles to be interesting and I learned something new from each article. I especially liked the idea of using waste as a resource, which inspired my LOLA presentation over a yarn made from recycled plastics called Bionic Yarn. While all articles were informative some were more boring than others. I also learned the importance of going local and how hard companies have to work to get all of their products locally made. It got me thinking about how I should start shopping local more often.

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