Wait, Where is that From?

That’s right, you heard it first, its local! Can you imagine, local materials and local artist? Think about that all the materials, resource and fuels that could be saved, if we were willing to embrace the idea of having our clothing or household items made local with local materials. As we have have learned in class on of the major issues with sustainable design, is that it has to be shipped from half way around the world, which cause it to not be so sustainable after all. So, if instead we looked around to see what we could use in our own area, and develop a design that allows us to not use all that fuel, don’t you think that would be more sustainable than trying to find the lowest cost garment and then shipping half-way around the world? I think so! But just like we discussed fast fashion makes this very difficult to do, until the demand and the consumer views on sustainability start to change. Local designs and materials will continue to go to waste.

So how can we change, the way people view going local? Most people have the idea that local means that they are some type of hippy and are not very trending. But the reality is that they are people who want to see a difference in the world and stop demand of the wasteful fashion. I would love to see more people devoted to the latter cause and see people marketing for local sustainable fashion.

A way that I was able to learn that this week was with the challenge of the wedding dress or chair, creating something new to make either the dress or the plastic chair more useable. Since normally brides only wear their dress one time, it goes to waste. All that material and resources. Likewise with the plastic yard chair, once it breaks, most people just throw it away. When really if we redesigned a lawn chair that could break-down and be biodegradable. These were some of the major things I was able to learn this week in class about going local.

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