This week in class, we discussed about social and eco-labeling affect on the textile and clothing products. There are two types of labeling, which are eco-labeling and social labeling. Eco-labeling is method of environmental performance certification and labeling that is practiced around the world.  There are three types of eco-labeling, which are industry, corporate (manufacturing company), and package. Besides, the social labeling is more about trade and cooperative movement. In my opinion, it’s really important to have label or care instruction on the garment. Label is used to list and certify the entire garment process, fiber, fabrication content, dyeing, cutting, and sewing process, but also the label itself would also educate and make customer aware about the product that they bought. Since, the products nowadays have different variations of production; it creates different symbols on the labels. We can just open our closet and pick one of the garments, and see how long the label and care instruction word content on one white label. Sometimes it makes customer too lazy to read or they don’t care about the content. It probably confused consumer too with too much words and symbols.

With the eco-label, it would help customer to aware which product that can be recycle and bring back to the environment. So, they don’t have to throw or donate their clothes after being worn for a couple years. Also, the eco-label uses to create a simple/ short message about the garments rather than having a long word message on the label. But not only customer that needs to know, but also from the manufacturing company, they also need to a simple and visible label with the important details of the garment, so the customer can understand. They need to make it as simple as they can, so it will not create a fabric waste to print out the complex message on the label.

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