Bigger Changes

Last week in class when we started to discuss labeling was something that never really crosses my mind. The only time I look at a label is to see how I should wash it. Looking at the Cradle to Cradle website I realized that there are so many different problems that I did not even think about. To be Cradle to Cradle certified there is a process that you must go through. Then there are 5 levels of certification, basic, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The quality categories are material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness. I had never thought about how many details go into a product. It is nice to see a way that companies can show that have a good product all around. I hope that companies see this and want to become approved to start making their products more sustainable all around.

The movie the 11th Hour really put things into perspective for me. When they showed how places like Florida will soon become smaller with the melting of the glaciers. I really agree with how they said that our race is greedy and how we focus on helping ourselves. We will do what ever is takes to grow and get knew things.

When they showed the scenes of the trees getting cut down and then the land never really growing back the same was shocking. There are so many things that we need to change. From what they showed there seems to be a lot of ideas that could change some of the way things work. We spend so much money on other things, so why not spend some on more sustainable products.
I really understand what they meant when they said that we are no longer connected with nature. To us now we just think of it as products that we use. They are no longer growing back like they did at one point.

Obviously what we are doing is not the right thing. Some say we should start with small changes, but honestly need might need to make bigger changes the things that we change. The idea of charging companies for their pollution could really be effective. No one wants to do more than they have to and that is a way we could start to change things. Really putting people in a situation where they see what they are doing wrong and giving them a consequences could be what major companies need to change. Once it gets started it could only get better from there. If the big companies are doing it then it could start a domino effect.

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