Blog 10 Eco-labeling/Design Slam 2/ 11th Hour

Last week in class, we discussed the importance of eco-labeling and the issues that come with it. One of the problems people come across when dealing with eco-labeling is simply that they do not understand what each label stands for. There are several different organizations that have their own labels for their many different meanings. Sustainable products and organic products have their own labels and symbols to notify consumers. When people see the environmental labels on the tags of the products they are shopping for they sometimes do not know what it even means, also with the leeway given to the labeling it is almost trickery when claiming something is “organic”. In textiles, if a certain fabric is used in less than 5% of the production, you do not even have to list it. Another issue is that labels and tags, just like any designer handbag or other brand labels, these eco-labels are sometimes counterfeited too, just to make that extra dollar, rather than actually being organic or good for the environment. This can be confusing and deceiving. In class we discussed different ways to help solve this problem. Using color coding for the different meanings, or having a QR code so that a customer can take a picture of the label and discover different sustainable practices that went into making that product. The following class meeting, we had our design slam 2. I did not find this design slam to be as helpful as the first one. I did not care much for my group’s topic, but I am always very interested in hearing what the other groups come up with. With all the negativity we hear about how our generation is doing the most damage, it truly is inspiring to listen to the great ideas my peers come up with.
Finally, in class today we watch a documentary called The 11th Hour. It was very captivating. Throughout the film, I heard several different terms we have learned in the course and was not to brag, but a little impressed that I have learned quite a bit. After having learned a lot about cradle to cradle designs it was interesting to hear about these real life situations and how it is being used in the real world, or at least how it is starting to be bigger in the real world. Overall, the film was very interesting! I had heard of it a few years back but never got around to watching, I learned some really great stuff. I think the biggest take away I got was how they really put everything into perspective. Often times in class we talked about global warming, and the degradation of forests and land but this film talked about almost every single location on the world map. Seeing the damage climate change has done just in the past few years and how it escalated so quickly was almost a scare factor, but sometimes you have to be pushed to the limit before anyone does something about the damage we are causing. I think showing this documentary was a great idea and I have already recommended it to friends who have not yet seen it.

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