This week we went over multiple things, but mainly eco-labeling. I find eco-labeling to be a really important process, but if most people do not know what it means, then there is no use to it. I feel that when trying to put eco-labeling in place, there needs to be more pictures than words, because normally pictures are easier to read and interpret.

We also had a class discussion about whether social responsibility or eco responsibility is more important. Personally, I believe that social responsibility is more important, because with social responsibility, comes people thinking about the ecosystem. If we are socially responsible, then we will eventually began thinking about the future generations and how they will survive. Only then will we be able to think about our ecosystem! With workers rights, comes possibly less pollution, because you don’t want your employees working in terrible air, which in return helps our eco system. This could be applied many ways, which makes me think that with social responsibility comes eco friendly people!

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