Eco-labeling is the topic of discussion this week. There is a debate as to how things should be labeled. Previously in my other blogs I spoke of how I think changing people’s mindsets and awareness is the real issue. How things are labeled is just one step. If someone is willing to read a label and watch for the information will be when people need to be discussing how it should be printed.

I did my LOLA show this week and was able to look a little more in depth into eco-labeling. A lot of companies use eco-labeling as a part of a bigger project. I talked about L.E.A.F. in my LOLA show that is creating awareness about becoming more eco-friendly during the production process and eco-labeling is an integral part of their awareness. I think this is a really great way to label products, without having to put a substantial amount of material on their labels that people may or may not understand.

We also did a design slam last week. Our group focused on how we can redesign our classroom to be more sustainable. We really kept in mind a lot of the information we learned back when we talked about green buildings. Using less energy and biodegradable materials. Cork is not only biodegradable; it could be really beneficial in a classroom like ours. Professors could utilize it to display things as well as mount a dry erase board to present materials.

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