Eco-labeling and why I’m bad at sustainability

Last week was a bad week for sustainability at my house. I believe this happened because I was so caught up in things I had to do like homework, exams and constructing my garments for the upcoming Euphoria fashion show (shameless plug). I found myself running around from one thing to the next leaving a path of destruction behind me. It wasn’t until Friday afternoon when I had my first minute of rest that I realized how wasteful I had been all week. My house was trashed with muslin, fabric scraps, thread and paper, which eventually was thrown away. Being busy shouldn’t determine if you’re sustainable or not, I need to work harder to be conscious of my actions, regardless of my schedule.

In class last week we read and discussed eco-labeling. We read an article titled “Social and Eco-Labeling of Textile and Clothing Goods as Means of Communication and Product Differentiation.” The topic of eco-labeling is somewhat new to me so I was interested in the topic. The article we read was quite long and boring however. I was able though to find an important point in the article; eco-labeling’s influence on the consumer is weak even though it can be a relevant source of information. As a designer I feel like we have the ability to create eye-catching labels that attract the consumer and display relevant information about the product. A better design will make the tags more effective.

In class we also completed an activity where my group had to research different LEED points and certifications. We found that many points can be earned but a lot of work must also be done in order to be LEED certified. Although the tasks may look daunting at first, the pay off and the feeling of being LEED certified are worth the work.

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