Last week, we discussed eco and social labeling in the apparel and textiles industry. I think that having these labels on products is a great sign for the company and should definitely go into consideration when purchasing goods. However, many people do not think about this or even notice the labels. Unfortunately, I must admit that I am one of those people. I rarely look at the labels, except to see the fabrication and care of the garment. I think a very large reason why people do not look for this is because it is not very consumer friendly and there are so many different types of labels for different things that it gets very confusing very easily. Also, I find it hard to trust corporations because I feel like there are a good amount of them that would counterfeit these labels just to seem more legitimate. That is why, as consumers, if we want to shop with social and environmental concerns in mind we need to take the time to research and see what products are actually verified. I think that an app where you can scan a code and provides transparency about the company would be an excellent way to get consumers more involved and provide them with more power that would many big corporations actually consider and invoke these labels.

Today, we watched a very interesting documentary regarding sustainability and our planet called “11th Hour”. This documentary went into deep detail about how we have eroded the biosphere of our planet and, if we don’t stop the accelerated damage we are causing, we could destroy human life. In the beginning, they showed many natural disasters and I thought, “Yeah well that’s nature. We don’t have any affect on that.” But after watching the video, I realized that these natural disasters are not just isolated incidents, but actually caused by things that we have done or taken away from our planet that is inherently supposed to solve these problems in a natural way. It does frighten me to think about how many people are completely oblivious to the affect we are having to our planet and the immense danger that we could be in if we do not change our culture.

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