The 11th hour

Today in class we watched a documentary called The 11th hour.  It is an eye opening film about the environment and how we’re ruining it.  The 11th hour touched on global warming, deforestation, and extinction.

The documentary had a very big shock factor to it. It basically said we are committing suicide by the way we treat the planet, and that in the end the planet would survive but we wouldn’t.  The first half of the documentary was really frightening but sometimes we need the harsh truth to really want to change something.

One thing I remember about the film was about land being seen as property and that whoever buys it can do whatever they want to it, instead of seeing it as a delicate thing that we need to live.  A guy in the film said “You are either a person or property”

Another thing I remember is hearing about how we think we are above nature, but we are nature.  People used to live off of the land and live off of the sunlight but then the industrial relation happened and since then we have slowly separated ourselves from nature.  We’ve expanded in technology and population but at the expense of the environment.

A cool solution the documentary brought up was taxing carbon, I thought this was really interesting but wish they would’ve talked about it a bit more.

I think that sometimes people don’t change because they aren’t aware or they feel like one person can’t make a difference, but to that a certain quote pops into my mind “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”  If we were to all change or even a fraction of us, it would make a world of difference.

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