The Tag Says it All

Have you ever been in need of something new for your home or your closet? Of course you have, we all sometimes have the desire to re-do our wardrobe or re-do a room in our house. But that only means the old stuff has to go, and new stuff is purchased, which that all is using resources and energy. So what if we as designers started designing using only things that were “eco-friendly.” Sounds great right? and what we have been learning through out this semester. One thing that was brought to my attention last week is the need for eco-labeling! Sure we can design all these great products to be sustainable, but unless the consumers are buying them, there is really not a need. I loved learning from the LOLA shows how important it is for us to market well to our consumers, to let them know what type of a product they are getting. I thought it was such a clever idea that some companies even added a label holding a story of what that product saved in the production and use of the item.

So my question, is to us are we will to go the extra step and use eco-labeling and being certified? I think it is simple it is a must and we should strive not to just create great sustainable products but let the consumer and everyone else know the importance of that one product. I know personally as a consumer, it would make me want to buy and keep that product longer! So let the tag say it all and even tell the story of the product!

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