Eco-labeling & shaping the marketplace

Eco-labeling is a source of controversy. It is an excellent concept, helping consumers make smarter choices about the products they buy. But can we assume that buyers are smart about the labels?
With so much controversy surrounding “organic” products or “green” products, a website has emerged, Greener Choices, offering its services in deciphering what the label actually means. Its premise is labels on food, wood, personal care products and household cleaners can be considered untrustworthy, and they are offering expert knowledge to help the consumer decipher the truth.
With the premise of the Greener Choices website comes a fundamental change. We the consumers can help change the market towards cleaner and more sustainable products by choosing the right “green” and “organic.” By becoming aware of what we are buying, and choosing the right products, we are voting in the marketplace. We as consumers are making it clear to producers that we want sustainable products when we buy such products. We have the power to change the marketplace.
Greener Choices, also offers buying guides for products, which helps the consumers choose the right products to buy, which can help shape our future.
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