Oh Why the Waste?

Let us turn the waste into something useful! Let us not only recycle somethings but we need to give them a purpose. Reading the article waste=food I learned that the things we are wasting if becoming food for bystanders. Birds and many other animals are eating our waste. So when learning this and seeing how designer could help and be a change to see products reused. We jus need to start learning to be creative and striving to find new fashionable designs with repurposed  products. I also loved learning in class about how we can turn that pollution into fashion, such as the examples given in class: ocean plastic into denim, recycled polyester and nylon, and how they can be turned into textiles. I enjoy learning about these things, but only am sadden to see that very few designers and companies are embracing these repurposed materials. My hope is to see designer impress these textiles and strive to prevent the harmful waste produces that end up in our oceans and in the stomachs of the beautiful animals and the planet.

It was also so interesting to learn about upcycling and downcycling. Learning having biodegradable materials is down cycling and that compostability is upcycling helped me understand the difference. It was also neat to learn the difference between recycling and reusing and how they have two different purposes and if we applied both it could be a great change to our environment.

(Blog #8)

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