Sustainable State of Mind

At the beginning of this course, my idea of sustainability was nothing more than throwing a plastic bottle into the recycling bin. Throughout the course, my sustainable state of mind has really matured into something I never really thought was possible. I have found myself really trying to cut down waste in any way possible. A few things that I have started doing since this class began are:

-Purchased a Camelbak water bottle instead of using plastic water bottles that are trashed after use.

-Started recycling at my house and at work.

-Stopped using as many plastic grocery bags as I have been when shopping at Walmart.

And those are only a few examples. I am truly thankful for this class and the knowledge that I have gained because I now feel that I am better prepared to be sustainable in the fashion industry and pass around my new learned habits to those around me.

For me, this sustainable journey has been really a lot to take in. It is almost like learning to ride a bike. You can’t just wake up and be 100% perfectly sustainable, but after some practice you can really shape your sustainable life into one that you will practice every day. It just must be learned with time. I think overall I’ve gained knowledge of different ways to be sustainable. The class taught me about things like biomimicry and biodegradable clothing, both things I never thought existed. Now I find myself trying to incorporate biodegradable clothing into my every day life.

Like I said, I really have learned so much from the course but there are something’s that I wish we did focus on/learned more about. Since my major is Apparel Merchandising, I found it hard to sometimes relate to the topics we discussed. I found it centered toward designing and it was hard to wrap my brain around it. I wish that we focused a little more on why it is important to retailers to be buying from markets that are sustainable. We tend to go for what’s now and hot but we forget that we are hurting our planet by doing that. If we expanded more on that topic I think that I would have been able to take away so much more from the class.

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