Blog Finale

When asked to define sustainability after completion of this course I see sustainability as a way to generate creative solutions and alternatives to help better our environment and benefit the planet. After learning about biomimicry and eco-labeling they are making great strides to start changes. I think that LEED certification and energy efficient buildings are only going to become more important and help us in the future. Overall my thoughts at the beginning of the course solely relied on the whole concept of going green and just simply recycling, but now I know its much more than that.

Throughout this course I think that the biggest epiphanies I have had included a variety of topics. The concept of less is more, empathic design, creativity in school today and the concept of going green. These stood out to me the most because they related to my major and field of study the most. The concept of “less is more” has always been a golden rule of design but why not in how we live our lives, in today’s society of keeping up with the Joneses we are constantly trying to one up one other with bigger homes, bigger cars and greater waste. As I mentioned in my blog before as college students we learn to conserve money based on necessity, making the best of a “poor situation”, but why can’t we carry some of these ideals throughout our adult life. Now I’m not saying that we need to sit around and eat Raman for the rest of our lives, I am saying with the proper use of resources we can make the best of what we have without using up all of our resources. From recycling furniture to reducing waste we can make a change one step at a time. I think that giving back is a very important part of sustainability and educating people on what sustainability really is. The next was empathic design; I think this was a great concept because you as the designer are putting yourself in the client’s shoes and helping them to make the space fully functional and avoiding areas that are only used once a year. I think that space that is never used is not worth having, so this is helping to eliminate unused space and like I said making it work for the client. I think at this time we need to innovate more than ever and to create new concepts for sustainable design. “Green” is the last topic that I want to discuss. This term tends to be thrown around very loosely now that people are gearing toward a more sustainable lifestyle, however just because a bottle can be recycled doesn’t necessarily make it green. Educating people on what sustainability really is and showing examples of why we should fund things such as LEED and green communities and interiors.

After learning everything that I have in this class I would like to expand my knowledge on LEED certification. I want to learn more about certified buildings as well as gaining my certification so that I can help designing a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

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