My sustainability journey

I can’t believe that this class is over and we don’t have to wake up really early again for 8AM class. But I had the best sustainability journey ever in this semester. I remember the first day of class, Dr. Jayadas asked about “what is sustainability?” Honestly, I was scared to answer because I only know about one answer, which was sustainability is all about recycle. I had no really background or knowledge about sustainability and sustainable design. But I’m so glad that I took this class and I had so much fun and know more from the lectures, learning communities, projects, and new stuffs. Sustainability is not only about recycle, but also it’s about reduce waste, compose, conserve water, reduce chemical, eco-friendly product, cradle to cradle, biomimicry, and so on. I feel like in order to create sustainable design; we also need creativity in our mind where we can build something that will create positive and healthy environment. It’s really hard to be sustainable, especially if your surrounding doesn’t support and or even people don’t know how to be sustainable. But we always need to start from somewhere, even just a small effort. It would probably take a while to make our earth has a better life, but oh well that’s a good start. At first, I didn’t know how to create a sustainable life and even I know I thought it would be easy, but actually it’s really hard. There are so many thiings to think and include. Since I took this class, now I know in our earth we have so many issues, and I’m aware that we also need to take new step and think outside the box, because to create a better life, it’s start with a small action. Now, I understand that sustainability is create a eco-friendly concept that will reduce the waste and conserve something that we have on earth right now.

I had so many epiphanies about sustainability throughout this semester. For example, the first week of class, we had to read about “Fashioning Sustainability”, it was about a review of the sustainability impact of the clothing industry. Since I read that article, the first thing on my mind was I had so much fabric left unattended and I need to do something with that. This article made me realize that probably some companies out there, didn’t do any recycling and just throw the fabric waste improperly. It was a big issue in apparel industry until today. Since then, I had a plastic bag where I put all the unused fabric and muslin craps and organize them so I could reuse them again for my next project. The other thing was my LOLA show, where I presented a company that does cradle to cradle system until now, which was PUMA. That presentation was inspired me a lot how they recycle back their product to nature and also recycle their product to create a new product. I never thought sustainability could create a close loop system that includes the biological and technical process. I was thinking in the future if I have my own garment line, I really hope that I could use and recreate the concept of cradle to cradle to my business plan. It’s not only affect my product or my own convenience, but also the customer and environment. I could make customer aware to help me reduce the waste issues and expand this initiative to create a better life on earth. The last one was my sustainable final project with Chloe. We proposed the sustainable method to print and dye fabric using flowers, vegetables, and fruits skin (nature resources), called Textainables. We saw that there are so much large amount of chemical and water used in textile and dyeing process and also the chemicals are often disposed improperly into the oceans that will harmful to the environment and human life. In order to reduce the issues, we came up with the solution by smashing the nature resources with hammer into the fabric and create fun, floral, and beautiful prints. Even, we still have to use a little amount of Alum (chemical compound) to wash the fabric, but at least we reducing the amount of water use to dye the fabric and create a sustainable concept with a small step. We had a great time present our poster and people really like it. We had so much fun doing the project and making the sample. It was really great experience for us to propose a new concept and inspire other people.

Overall, I learned so many things in this class that I never thought before. All the readings that we did really inspired me a lot, especially the TED talks. Everything that I had in this class had inspired me a lot. It was really great and fun journey and I really hope I could always think about sustainability and create eco-friendly concept in the future at school, work, and community.

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