Final Epiphany Blog

Sustainable Design for Apparel and Interiors this spring semester has been a long journey and quickly coming to an end. At the beginning of this course I was even unsure if my definition of sustainability was correct in the slightest. As we close up the semester, I have found that I have truly learned about different ways to define sustainability.

On the first day of class we each gave our own take on what sustainability is and means to us. I remember I said that sustainability was a way of recycling to preserve the environment. After 8 weeks of reading many different articles, after having seen several TED talks, and after a short film or two on the topic, I think sustainability is an idea, a process, and a plan carried out to create objects that are good for our planted, that are reusable, and do not create waste, but rather create a new life and put back just as much into the environment as used to make it.

One of the biggest epiphanies I got from this course was after having watched ‘The Eleventh Hour’ a documentary on the environment and how it is changing due to our pollution, trash, and how we must change. After I watched that film I was reminded that although we centralize North America, there is far more out there and we need to not only educate our country but we need to take the examples from other countries, and try to work together to save our planet. Another thing I learned was how much waste we create and how a single person can leave a huge carbon footprint all by themselves. Without this knowledge, how can we expect change? I think education is key to a behavioral change for the better of the planet.

Knowing what I know about the different inventions out there, the more sustainable choices in building materials, textile fabrics, and energy saving processes and even lighting alternatives, I want to continue learning about the newest ideas and objects created that are meant for loop-cycles, and green alternatives. I will probably continue to watch TED talks and visit the website to stay in touch with what are the top LEED certified organizations and products.

Going into this course I really had minimal knowledge on the subject, so I do not believe there was anything I was expecting to learn that I did not learn about. Overall, this was a very insightful class with a lot of participation and intriguing group discussions.

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