“Go Green”

When I think about sustainablity now I no longer think its about “going green.” Sustainability means to me now means choosing to learn from the environment to save the environment, adapting to nature instead of using up the resources in nature. I also now think sustainablity should be part of everyones daily lives and that we all need to take the responsibility to reduce and reuse the energy or materials we use. At the beginning of the class I thought sustainablity was about the idea of going green by just buying different lightbulbs and remembering to turn off lights, and reusing your plastic bags from Wal-Mart. Man how I was wrong! Something that I really enjoyed each week about this class was learning each week a new way of being sustainable and the motivation to why we should be sustainable. When we started learning about Empathic Design I had the realization that using sympathy, compassion, experiences, and emotions, will create a bigger desire for the need for our sustainable designs. During one of those classes when we did design slams I remember this stinking out to me, because their approach was to reuse sentimental clothing items to be made into something new for the next generation. I just though that that was a wonderful idea to be sustainable but the drive comes from the emotion of being within the family from sentimental values.

Then one of the other sustainable practices that I loved learning about in the class was Biomimicry, I really enjoyed the different LOLA shows that went into depth about products that are using nature to learn. I like the idea of the butterfly dress that uses color and light, secondly I really like the lotus leaf idea for materials. I think the lotus leaf material would not only be helpful but extremely sustainable because it will keep us from washing clothing each time we spill something unwanted on us.

The final to things that I learned in the recent weeks in class is the importance of eco-labeling, not just the importance of it but also the benefits for companies to apply for eco-labeling. Knowing the story of a product and the customers are more likely to be willing to purchase the product. This is using Empathic Design again by allowing the customers be able to feel the emotions. Finally this last week in class being presented with many wonderful design ideas for sustainablity I was amazed to see how much our class and myself include develop a desire to be sustainable designers and merchandisers. I was impressed to see how we all were able to find wholes in already sustainable practices & create a better solution. This makes me excited that each one of us will now have the opportunity to be sustainable empathic designers, who will truly make a difference in the design world.

Knowing what I know now, I am excited to use these skills to inform others about sustainable practices. I am most excited to continue to learn about biomimcry and to see what other products that will continue to be made from studying nature. I think this could be an amazing was sustainablity could develop and be more like nature as well as the environment around us. I hope to continue research about biomimcry.

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