My Final Blog

This class has been one of the most eye opening I have had during my college career. This class showed me how irresponsible the American society is acting in regards to nature and protecting our environment for future generations. I have never thought much about sustainability or the effects that even a single person can have on the environment. The lecture that has stuck with me the most is the one where we talked about one person changing their ways, modifying their own behavior, and then beginning to make changes in their community. It helps me a lot to think about sustainability in small steps like that. I cannot attempt to change the world before first I have changed myself. Even further, I think I need to take small steps within myself to make myself and the way in which I live my life more sustainable. I have learned that I am quite an offender of the sustainability world, I am not. At all. I am more aware of my surroundings and will make a conscious effort to change my waste habits, starting small with recycling. It will take me a while to let go of my fast fashion wardrobe that gains a new piece almost daily, but I will begin to make an effort in the other aspects of my life. Energy consumption and recycling habits will be the first I take a stand on. I always donate my clothing when I no longer have a need for it. This is something I will continue because of the topics we have covered in this class, but for me to change my style and fashion choices, it will take something more drastic for me to change the way I purchase clothing, I have a connection to clothing and the way it makes me feel. Overall, I am thankful for this class, for opening my eyes to some of the ways that even one person can change the way a society acts and lives their day to day lives.

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