This semester was a very informative one for me. I’m going to be honest, when I started this class, I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. After taking our carbon footprint quiz, I’ve changed some of my sustainable habits. I’ve actually started buying plastic-less shampoo bars, which are just bars of shampoo, instead of liquid in plastic bars.

One of my favorite topics was empathetic design. I find it really interesting that many people do not go to nature for ideas when designing, when nature has already answered the questions and problems for us. I feel like there is more education needed for others, so they can know that this is an option!

I also learned a lot from some of the readings we had this semester. Overall, the overarching theme was that this is the only world that we have, so if we destroy it, then we will not have anywhere else to go.

Now that I know more about sustainability, I feel like I’ll be more prone to be sustainable in the future. I understand some of the things needed to be sustainable. I also learned that being sustainable not only effects me, but it effects the people around me, along with future generations. With fast fashion, I am effecting the workers in other countries, possibly causing many to die because of farming chemicals. This class has allowed me a deeper look into the world of fast fashion and I am forever changed!

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